Polis Luxury Apartments & Studios


Karaoli & Dimitriou ton Kyprion 13

+30 2311 297000


Cozy, affordable and and foremost inviting, Polis Luxury Apartments & Studios is located in the heart of the the city’s shopping center and promises to create beautiful memories of stay for you and your loved ones. Our aim is to provide accommodation services of high quality.

The large comfortable space and the luxury amenities, make Polis something more than just a regular hotel in the city of Thessaloniki. Polis is the perfect accomodation, whether you visit Thessaloniki for business or vacation and leisure. It’s two-room apartments and spacious studios, located in the center of the city, can be the "basis" for a family vacation or business trip in Thessaloniki, adapted to the comforts, amenities and lifestyle you are accustomed.

The main philosophy that POLIS was based on, is the outmost respect of man, as a modern traveller and as an active parent and family man. In our, fully reformed, apartments and studios, our visitor can feel the warmth and the Hearty Greek Hospitality, emphasizing on the commodities that everyone desire at home.

If you are traveling with your family, then Polis is certainly the best choice. Spacious apartments with 2 separate bedrooms, living room and dining room, will make you feel that you are not in a hotel but in your own house.