62nd Thessaloniki International Film Festival

From November 4th to November 14th, 2021, discover subversive filmmakers and the best films from all over the world in the three competition sections of TIFF: International Competition, with films from across the globe, Meet the Neighbors Competition, with first or second features from Greece’s extended “neighborhood” and >>Film Forward Competition section, with films that go beyond the conventions of film genres.

In the International Program discover Open Horizons and the Open Horizons – Another Take subsection, Balkan Survey, Special Screenings, Out of Competition and ’Round Midnight, as well as, the podcast section, which includes in competition and out of competition podcasts.

TIFF, also, presents the best films from the annual Greek production, tributes and cinematic surprises and gives the opportunity to film professionals to connect at the dynamic TIFF’s Agora, the Industry section of the Festival.

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