86th Thessaloniki International Fair

1500 exhibitors, sold out exhibition spaces, and the United Arab Emirates are the Honoured Country with a 400-person delegation

The 86th TIF (10-18 September) is turning out to be one of the best events of the past decade, with exhibitor numbers approaching 1500, sold out exhibition spaces, and the United Arab Emirates as the Honoured Country.

There will be 19 countries participating at the 86th TIF, including the UAE, the USA, Luxembourg, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Iran, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Cyprus, Georgia, Romania, India, Nepal, and Egypt.

Forty-six Chambers and 320 businesses will also be attending under the umbrella of the Union of Hellenic Chambers, while the TCCI, the PCT, and the ACCI will be participating individually.

The delegation of the Honoured Country consists of 400 people and 65 very important undertakings and entities from the private and public sector, spearheaded by the sectors of investment management, energy, food-beverages, defence, space technology, tourism, shipping, real estate, and others. The UAE delegation will be led by Minister of Economy Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri, while there will also be a government delegation from the Ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs, and Industry and Advanced Technology. The Honoured Country will cover an exhibition space exceeding 4500 sq.m. In fact, the UAE pavilion will host more than 600 meetings between Greek and Arab enterprises, which have been scheduled with the contribution of the Federation of Greek Industries. There will also be a wealth of side events for the Honoured Country, including daily traditional dance performances, Emirate gastronomy and hospitality events, and folk art and painting exhibitions.

There will be nine thematic sections to the 86th TIF, from entrepreneurship, electromobility-vehicles, and new technologies, to gastronomy, education, and circular economy. In fact, this last section will cover an area of 3000 sq.m., indoors and outdoors, with more than 45 participations. TIF-Helexpo is adopting the FORWARD FOR GREEN slogan, and within the framework of that section is hosting interesting actions and initiatives on recycling in practice.

The 86th TIF will also have a very impressive backdrop, which is one of the largest exhibition constructions in the history of the Exhibition, the centenary tribute to the Asia Minor Catastrophe, which consists of two unique and continuous sections: The audiovisual tribute of TIF-Helexpo in partnership with KEDE (Central Union of Municipalities of Greece), ‘A century… in Ionia, Thrace, and Pontus’, which is the result of a collaboration with the Network of Cities and Communities of the descendants of Greeks from the near East, interactively promoting the historic narrative of the flow of Greek refugees from Asia Minor, Thrace, and Pontus. There will also be the Periodic exhibition of the Municipality of Thessaloniki titled ‘1922-2022: waves of refugees, amalgams of memory’, honouring the centenary since the dramatic events of the Asia Minor Catastrophe with a collection of heirlooms, and archive and photographic material, utilising new technologies.

Among the thematic features of this year’s Fair, Digital Greece stands out. It is an initiative of the Ministry of Digital Governance and TIF-Helexpo. At the same time, the Ministry of Development & Investments is hosting startup companies and development-investment entities at its pavilion. CERN will also be present at pavilion 15, where the audience will have the opportunity to learn about basic research in physics, as well as its applications in medicine.

The highlights of the 86th TIF will include the impressive displays at the pavilion of the Ministry of National Defence and the Armed Forces, with the first ever Rafale fighter aircraft simulator, the new acquisition of the Hellenic Air Force, as well as an F-35 simulator.

Recreation and entertainment will have a special place at the 86th TIF, with a wealth of popular Greek artists performing every day. On Sunday 11 September Paola will take to the stage with Anastasios Rammos, Christina Salti, and Biased Beast, on Monday 12 September the concerts continue with Vassilis Lekkas, on Tuesday 13 September Giorgos Mazonakis will take over, on Wednesday 14 September it’s the turn of the Tsarouchidis brothers, on Thursday 15 September the stage will belong to Giorgos Dalaras with Estudiantina and Aspasia Stratigou, on Friday 16 September it’s time to get the youth going with Dimos Anastasiadis, Demy, and the Kings, on Saturday 17 September Giorgos Sampanis will take over, and the final concert will take place on Sunday 18 September with Vassilis Karas and Katerina Lioliou.

The TIF will also act as the framework of the Thessaloniki Helexpo Forum for the third consecutive year, with thematic panels touching on major economic and developmental issues, to be held in partnership with the joint chambers of Greece.

The Official Supporter of the 86th TIF is Papastratos, the Official Air Travel Sponsor is Aegean, the Official Telecommunications Provider is WIND, the Official Bank is the National Bank of Greece, the Official Energy Provider is PPC, the Official IT Partner is Singular Logic, and the Beer of the 86th TIF is ‘NYMFI THESSALONIKIS’.

The Music Event Hospitality Sponsor is Capsis Hotel, the VIP Transportation Sponsor is Limousines VIP Services Greece, the Transportation Sponsor is Drive, and the Catering Sponsor is Samiotakis.

The gold sponsor of the TIF-Helexpo tribute ‘A century… in Ionia, Thrace, and Pontus’, organised in partnership with KEDE, is IPIROTIKI FACILITY SERVICES and it is supported by HAITOGLOU BROS SA.

The TIF is organised under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior (Macedonia – Thrace).