TCB family welcomes Kazakis House of Viticulture

So happy to welcome to the TCB family Kazakis House of Viticulture with Marianna’s products and Abelon!

Ever since the late 80s, Marianna and her family produce tasty traditional greek dishes with organic ingredients for other families in Greece and abroad. Visit Marianna’s for a tour of the family’s organic vineyards and a tasting of their unique products. Ask for a master class on how to roll your own dolmades or open you crunchy fyllo. And in August, come and pick your own organic, delicious Sultana grapes!

ABELON is the culmination of the Kazakis’ family experience of organic viticulture since the 80s. Along with their delicious grapes and other vineyard products, the Kazakis have been experimenting with the production of their own brandy. Their passion led to the creation of ABELON, a unique, single-vintage, single-vineyard, single-cask organic and unfiltered brandy combining the generosity of the Greek land and climate, along with the finesse of French oak barrels and original Portuguese cork.

We wish you fruitful collaborations and new experiences!

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