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You don’t have to go far to experience something totally amazing. Halkidiki is a true paradise on earth, waiting for you to discover it!

Located in the south of Thessaloniki, shaped like Poseidon’s trident and sticking out into the Aegean Sea, Halkidiki is a treat for visitors. Lush green forests that reach right down to the beach; golden sunlight reflected in the turquoise waters; a traditional style with a rich gastronomic and cultural heritage. Endless coves, unique architectural sites, perfectly preserved Christian monuments and a host of unexplored treasures all add their own rich touch to the unique canvas that is Halkidiki.

There is nothing like a spectacular location to impress, inspire and vividly remain in the memory of your guests. Halkidiki’s location and setting can turn a special event into something truly memorable, while the serenity of its surroundings makes it an ideal place for conferences, executive meetings, retreats, incentives and exclusive events. Its deluxe hotels and resorts provide a complete range of facilities from fully equipped conference halls with state of the art technical support systems to a wide selection of recreational services ideal for incentives, team building and social events. From its incredible seashores to the picturesque mountainous villages, from the crystal clear blue to the deep forest green, from a thrilling incentive set in an uninhabited island to an adventurous jeep safari, from atmospheric cruises to unique diving & sailing experiences, Halkidiki will surely captivate your heart.

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