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Located in Halkidiki, Mount Athos is one of the most important centres of the orthodox christian world and the oldest surviving monastic community on earth.

Consisting of 20 monasteries and giving home to approximately 2.000 monks, it offers the opportunity for a unique pilgrimage journey that will most certainly create lifelong memories. Grab the chance to travel back in time. The monastic way of life is practically unchanged since the first monks arrived back in the 9nth century. Because of its isolation Mount Athos has remained one of the most unspoiled parts of Greece. The landscape is stunning and wild, a land where myth merges with history and miracles mingle with reality. Savage mountains reflect on the dark blue sea creating the perfect scenery for isolation.

Immerse yourself in a world full of mysticism and religious contemplation. Discover the daily lives and religious practices of the monks that remain unaltered throughout the centuries. When they are not praying, the monks engage themselves in various tasks, like cleaning the guest houses for visitors, making wine or preparing dinner. Monastic cuisine is a unique gastronomic experience, rather simple yet nutritionally grand. Most of the ingredients are commonly grown on the monastery’s farms, and the wine is also produced by local vineyards.

 It is a religious community with 1.000 years old monasteries, cells in caves or between the rocks, towers, domes, belfries, chants, etc. It is listed in UNESCOs WORLD HERITAGE MONUMENTS.

Mount Athos is a living museum, a timeless universe of genuine spirituality, where the monastic way of life has been preserved in its purest form. Be among the privileged ones that have actually experienced it.

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