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Located on the border of Macedonia and Thessaly, between the prefectures of Pieria and Larissa and only 78 km away from Thessaloniki, Mt. Olympus is the highest and most famous mountain in Greece.

According to mythology, Olympus was the home of the ancient Greek Gods. From its steep rocky summit, that was first climbed only 100 years ago, Zeus supposedly hurled his thunderbolts against humankind.

Its eastern flanks were the country’s first national park (created in the 1930’s), where approximately 1700 different types of plants, along with rare types of birds, and numerous waterfalls compose a truly stunning scenery. The awe-inspiring ridges, the verdant Enipeas Canyon and the panoramic view of the sea create a landscape of
unique beauty.

There are many opportunities in the wider area of Olympus for activities and various sports. It is an ideal location for hikes in nature, parachuting, paragliding, mountain biking and 4×4 routes. Many traditional guesthouses offer top-notch accommodation, while taverns serve local dishes, spicy mezes, locally produced wine and tsipouro from the arbutus berries of Olympus. Plan an adventurous getaway in Gods’ mountain and add a divine touch to your business trip.

Image (1,2) Source: Tourism Directorate – Region of Central Macedonia

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