Region of Central Macedonia Cultural Center

Cultural Center
The Region of Central Macedonia Cultural Center stands for the official cultural institution of the Region, operating since 1996. It aims to support and promote the cultural life, the arts education and the creative institutions through inspired events with top quality and high standards. Our productions, outnumbering 150 per year, cover a vast range of artistic expression, from children’s theater to folklore Greek songs, Opera and Byzantine music. The outstanding monuments and historical sites of the Region of Central Macedonian provide the most exquisite background for our high profile events. Furthermore, our initiative to host events in rich in history unique monuments, i.e. the Rotunda, the Heptapyrgion, the Byzantine baths, the White Tower, Gingirli Jami, renders a new aspect to the way we approach them and enjoy them, highlighting their importance through time. In the summer of 2019, in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquity of the City of Thessaloniki, we inaugurated the Heptapyrgion Festival; a two weeks festival that took place in the patio of the historic prison, transformed to a contemporary open air theater to host concerts, opera, poetry readings in a unique collaboration with the major cultural institutions of the region.


Vassilisis Olgas 198 54110 Thessaloniki

Tel: +30 2310 602599