New advertising campaign of Central Macedonia

‘’Do something Great’’ is the new international advertising campaign of Central Macedonia. It was kicked off yesterday with a launch event followed by the unveiling of thematic films promoting different destinations across the region. The campaign aligns the passions and interests that inspire people to travel with the unique experiences that they will enjoy in the Region of Central Macedonia all year round.

According to the Governor of Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, tourism is not just the “heavy industry” of the place, “but a development base and a leading sector for our economy”. Also emphasized that a total of 8,514 infrastructure works are underway in Central Macedonia under a total budget of 2 million euros.

On his part Head of Sector Alexandros Thanos, said that the campaign was designed in such a way as to highlihjt the authenticity of the destination, to create a tourist narrative unified for the whole Region and to desigh a complex experience, as required by modern marketing.

So, this year we ‘’Do something Great’’ by visiting Thessaloniki and the Region of Central Macedonia!

Enjoy the 1st video!