UNESCO designates Thessaloniki as a City of Gastronomy

Thessaloniki is the 1st Greek city to receive this title! On 8 November 2021, UNESCO unveiled the newest members of its Creative Cities Network. The netowrk aims to promote the cooperation of cities which have identified creativity as a key factor in their sustainable urban development.

The Municipality of Thessaloniki proudly shared that it has become the first Greek city to join UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network for gastronomy. In other words, UNESCO has recognised Thessaloniki’s traditional culinary practices, vibrant gastronomy community, and local food, among others.

To receive UNESCO’s City of Gastronomy designation, one must first submit a bid. Commenting on its application, the municipality shared that it diligently prepared and submitted a complete file, highlighting its history, gastronomic tradition over the centuries, creative potential, and the work of the scientific and research community.The Mayor of Thessaloniki Konstantinos Zervas noted: “Gastronomy is, after all, a key comparative advantage of Thessaloniki – our city is a crossroads of tastes and cultures, now with the UNESCO stamp. Good local cuisine is the backbone of the gastronomic offer. Mrs. Maria Karagianni, Deputy Mayor of Culture and Tourism explained that Thessaloniki’s designation as a City of Gastronomy will put culture, creativity, and gastronomy at the centre of its tourism development. Moreover, it will support the social, creative, and economic potential of the entire region.

UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network facilitates the exchange of experience, know-how, and resources. Therefore, Thessaloniki will have the opportunity to cooperate with other member cities to develop further and increase its attractiveness.