Livemedia is a leading global web channel specialised in organising and livestreaming hybrid, digital and virtual conferences and events based on high tech online proprietary platforms and applications since 2002. Livemedia organises, produces and live streams TV style branded events via its own event platform for a unique livestreaming event experience to all attendees. The platform combines livestreaming, on demand videos, registration, chat, voting, evaluation, e-program, events notifications, virtual exhibition, time monitoring system, statistics, connection with the costumer's social media. Livemedia supports the customer to plan, organise and deliver any-size personalised online events with the help of the user-friendly interface and helps building a professional and on-brand result using promotional services. Livemedia’s customers around the world (USA, Europe, Middle East, SA) are Professional Bodies, Associations and Societies, Blue-chip Corporations and Educational Institutions. The company can reliably rely on the many years of operational experience, strong and innovative technology backbone and journalistic flair delivered by a very dynamic and professional team. Regarding conferences, Livemedia has developed innovative systems that allow on site as well as web delegates to participate and interact. Comments, questions, and polls can be forwarded to the panel of the speakers using mobile devices in the venue, as well as via the web, enhancing communication and sharing knowledge.


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