Akti Ntovil

Thessaloniki is famous for its hidden gastronomical...treasures. At  the east side of the city, next to seashore, at Karabournaki neighborhood  you can find Akti Ntovil. Back at the 50’s and 60’s Akti Ntovil used to be the getaway place for the Thessaloniki residents that wanted to swim, eat and even watch a movie at the local open-air cinema. Nostalgia and the historical brand name were the only things that remained intact from that romantic era until “Akti Ntovil” decided to offer a new, fresh, and unique taste experience. Designed to act as a modern city escape destination, with relaxed atmosphere, open kitchen to give this “feels like home” mentality and infinity sea view, Akti Ntovil is more than a seafood restaurant. It’s a unique experience with an exceptional taste.  The ideal scenery is there to capture your eyes and the fine dining creations are there to satisfy your senses. Chef  Panagiotis Delithanasis gives a little twist to the traditional urban cuisine with a series of tailor-made Greek creations. You can pair the seafood experience with the perfect bottle of wine from our impressive list with more than 90 options for you to choose. Or you can just ask our personnel to perfectly guide you to a unique journey.


Themistokli Sofouli 86, Kalamaria 55131

Tel: +30 2310407000

Email : matomge@yahoo.gr

Website : aktintovil.gr