Quality in food and respect for the customer were the basic principles that were passed on by their grandfather and founder of Miami Seafood Restaurant, Dimitris Mamais, to the third generation of owners, his three grandchildren that took over 5 years ago. Keeping tightly to the principles of the grandfather and adding innovative elements to the recipes and service, Dina Tertsi, Gogo Tertsi and Dimitris Mamais continue the long tradition of Maiami, adding new pages in his book of history. A history book signed by all Greek Prime ministers, Presidents of Greek Democracy, Queen Sophia of Spain and many well known celebrities from Greece and around the world. Besides, it’s no accident that Maiami is a suggestion and choice of good food lovers, with a simple, clean and comfortable environment, away from the crowded center of the city. The rich variety of Greek sh available in it classi es our specialization in Seafood Gastronomy. A dynamic wine list, with the best greek wine labels have been chosen to accompany our menu. In addition to the ala cart menu, we have suggestions in set menus with both seafood and meat options. We are also efficient to eating habits and nutritional particularities. The endless blue of the sea and the sky along with the sun create the perfect setting every hour of the day, every day of the year. We invite you not only to make a small odyssey to Greek gastronomy and avors but to live the ‘Maiami Experience’. We will be glad to see you soon.


Thetidos 18, Kalamaria 55131 Thessaloniki

Tel: +30 2310 447996


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