Agora Modiano

Bringing a fresh new vibe to Thessaloniki’s center, Agora Modiano returns renewed, with a contemporary concept and new philosophy. The new generation of Agora Modiano seeks is to offer visitors exquisite Greek and multicultural experiences, from purchasing products to embracing flavors, events and entertainment, in a unique environment of high architectural aesthetic and historical value. A key point of reference for the city, Agora Modiano comes back to life exactly 100 years since it was erected. Taken on by Fais Group, the ambitious project involved restoring and renovating the listed building and reconstructing its interior using state-of-the-art construction technology and materials, as well as a new philosophy that guarantees contemporary facilities and amenities. It is set to be a veritable paradise for lovers of good food, housing a high-quality multicultural market. An important landmark, an emblematic building for the city of Thessaloniki in terms of architecture, manufacturing, sustainable use as well as the city’s recent memory, having already hosted in its century of operation traditional tradespeople, products of pure quality, evenings of music and entertainment, exciting nights out and fascinating flavors, the new Agora Modiano is about to become “the city’s new central market” to constitute not simply a covered food market but also a space of social gathering, culture and leisure. A living landmark of Thessaloniki, as it was crafted by its creator, Eli Modiano in 1922, and continued by Fais Group today.


54624 Thessaloniki